How the Internet Changed Business Forever

Thirty years ago, opening a business was a very different proposition.The target market was within a few miles of the business location.Advertising the company involved putting up a few signs on the storefront, ads in the paper or sending flyers in the mail. The internet changed all of that – and so much more. The […]

How Has Twitter Changed Since Its Inception?

Founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter was seen as a quaint alternative to the established social media platforms of the time.Facebook was already huge, MySpace was still relevant and no one was quite sure where Twitter fit in. Fast forward more than a decade and tens of millions of people use Twitter every single […]

Is Video Ready to Replace Written Content?

The earliest adopters of search engine optimization and online marketing are aware of how much written content used to dominate.While it is still a very powerful tool for communication and promoting businesses online, it is taking a back seat. Many experts now see video as the dominant platform, as it gets a lot more engagement.But […]

How Has the Internet Changed?

The internet is something that has really undergone a lot of change as time goes on. Whether you’re looking at its impact on our world or how you may want to try and utilize it for your own needs, it’s likely that you have a lot of questions and ideas as to what it is […]

How Is Social Media Evolving Over Time?

Social media is one of those technologies that is continually growing and adapting. But, how has social media changed over the years? What makes it different than other modes of communication? I started using social media back when Facebook started (I was still in college) and now it’s a phenomenon that seems to have taken […]